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Elasticated fabric, or stretchy material is a special type of tissue that differs from traditional tissues in its nature. Extra special fabric that gives the tight a little bit of stretch to fit to your body type. But it is the spandex that gives Lycra its elasticity, meaning most of us need never give our jeans a second thought when it comes time to crouch down or pick up something from the ground, as both activities require clothes we can stretch in.

Learning the Benefits of Stretch Fabric

The advantages of stretchy fabric are many and varied. This versatility allows it to be incorporated into a variety of garment types, including trousers (pants in American English and knickerbockers), skirts, short pants,bloomer shorts,knickers,sportswear,leggings,dresses,[4] andgmamie gammy cullision. That fabric is not just lightweight and soft, but it's also wrinkle-resistant which gives your feet a break(ffs less ironing!!!) as well.

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