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Oxford fabric

The oxford fabric is a general name to the fabric which has strong and durable characteristics. It started from UK where Oxford University used this fabric to make the school uniform. Due to its two-tone color, with harmonious color and comfortable characteristics, oxford fabric has been popular in Europe and the United States for over 100years.

As the times going, oxford fabrics are not only made from cotton or linens, but from polyester or nylon. The weaving is not simple plain but with many patterns like twill, rip-stop, diamond, etc. At the meantime, in order to make the oxford fabrics more stronger, people add many kinds of coating or laminating onto the fabrics like PU, PVC, TPU, TPE, ULY, etc and also can add different agents in these coatings like flame retardant, anti-UV, anti-mildew, waterproof, etc to meet different using. Now oxford fabric is widely used for making tents, bags, luggage, awning, chair, shoes, etc.



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    Nylon Ballistic oxford fabric

    Nylon ballistic Fabric is a high density woven by using a 2x2 basket weave which can have ideal strength-to-weight ratio and excellent resistance to abrasion and tearing. The original is 1050D then woven with various denier of yarn like 840D or 1680D.

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    Cordura fabric

    Cordura fabrics are durable and resistant to abrasions,tears and scuffs and they are made from air-jet textured nylon or polyester. Originally these kinds of yarn are from INVISTA. It has 500D,900D or 1000D denier which is synonymous with durability,ruggedness and all-around toughness.

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    Ripstop oxford fabric

    The term ripstop name is a weaving method where a heavier denier fibre is woven through a material in a grid-like pattern (mimicking maths graph paper). This prevents tearing in the fabric,or simply stops an existing tear from growing any further.

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    Dyneema oxford fabric

    The oxford fabrics with rigid Dyneema are ideal for making lightweight but strong outdoor bags. A broad portfolio of constructions using Dyneema in the warp,weft or both are available. Coloring is possible using colored companion fibers. Woven fabrics with Dyneem can also be coated,plus the coating and underlying fabric can be tailored to specific customer specifications.

Softshell fabric

The softshell fabric are 2-layer,2.5-layer,or 3-layer construction bonded the PU,TPU,TPE or PTFE membrane to both the outer four-way stretch fabric and the inner polar fleece lining. The middle membrane layer,a eco-friendly material,contains billions of microscopic pores which are smaller than a drop of water,but bigger than a molecule of moisture vapor. So while water in its liquid form cannot penetrate the membrane,as moisture vapor it can easily escape. Our laminated fabrics -- which are both excellently waterproof and powerfully breathable at the same time -- also have the features of comfort stretch,no noise,and light weight. The benefit of the 3-layer construction is: no movement between the layers,which means less wear and tear,and enhanced durability. The fabrics are often used for outdoor wear,such as sportswear,softshell Jacket,ski jackets,casual pants,etc.

Softshell fabric

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