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Oxford fabric packing notices

22 Jan
Oxford fabric packing notices
Oxford fabric packing notices
Oxford fabric packing notices
Oxford fabric packing notices

Oxford packing and inspecting is the final step for fabric production. Packing is the very important which not only can inspect the whole fabrics are good or not also nice packing will make customer happy and think factory is professional.  

First of all, before rolling up the Oxford fabric, the most important thing is to ensure that the Oxford fabric is completely unfolded. This can avoid wrinkles or folds during the rolling process, which will affect the appearance and quality of the fabric. Therefore, before rolling up, please make sure the oxford is on a flat surface and check that the fabric is fully unfolded. Next, after unfolding the fabric, it needs to be stabilized to ensure that the fabric will not move or deform during the rolling process. Clips and heavy objects can be used to fix the position of the fabric, and at the same time, ensure that it does not move or deform.

Secondly, precise cutting is required before rolling. Before rolling, the quality and appearance of the fabric need to be checked. When starting to roll the fabric, each roll should be kept in a plain weave state to avoid damaging the fabric. The fabric is rolled up slowly while ensuring that each roll is straight and not bent. During the entire rolling process, you need to carefully check whether there are any breaks or wrinkles on the surface. Then, check the curled edge to remove any loose threads. When the fabric is rolled for the final time, magnetically check the curled edge to ensure there are no loose threads around it. It should be noted that such thread ends can affect the appearance and quality of the fabric, and will be more obvious after winding. When thread ends are found, use small textile scissors to cut them off.

Finally, secure the rolled oxford cloth for placement and transportation. You can use thin straps and rubber bands to secure it. When using fixing tools, remember to leave traces due to damage to the fabric. When fixing the Oxford fabric, the strength should not be too high, otherwise the Oxford fabric will be damaged and the quality of the fabric will decrease.



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