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Down jacket fabric and Skiing jacket fabric different

22 Jan
Down jacket fabric and Skiing jacket fabric different
Down jacket fabric and Skiing jacket fabric different

Down jacket is usually made from nylon or polyester super high density of fabric. The normal density is like 300T, 380T, 400T, 420T, etc. HereT means the warp and weft yarn count total amounts per inch. So higher number means higher density. What is the high density effect? Higher density means the fabric yarn gap is more tight. These density fabric yarn is usually 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, etc. HereD is Denier which is to mean the fabric yarn thickness. Higher number means the fabric more thicker. So 30D is thicker than 20D. While for making the downproof jacket, the fabric needs to be light and also good effect of downproof. So how to improve these? We choose to use less Denier and higher density of fabric. Another way for improving the downproof is calendering or coating PA. Calendering is a process which use a hot iron to make the fabric more flat to achieve the downproof. Coating is to add a very thin layer which will stop the down go through the fabric.

Skiing jacket is usually made from softshell fabric. Softshell fabric is 3 layers fabric. The first layer is usually a stretch layer. Second layer is a film layer which is waterproof and breathable. Third layer is micro polar fleece layer. So softshell fabric is not only soft but also waterproof, windproof and breathable.

So which jacket is warmer? Downproof jacket or sofshell jacket? In my opinion, it depends on your using. If you just need to wear in home or office and not need to go outside, downproof jacket is enough since it is light weight, soft and warm enough. But if you need to wear it for sports or riding, I suggest to use softshell jacket since it is not only waterproof but also windproof which can keep your warm inside.


Fabric testing is a very important procedure

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