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printmaking on fabric

Excited to jump into the wonderful world of fabric printing? The possibilities are endless with fabric printing and allow you to bring imagination into your home decor or wardrobe. Fabric printing is an expression that has no limit, where you can add prints to your own old even shirt or make a spectacular piece of wall art.

    Unlimited Inspiration To Supercharge Your Imagination

    The minute you step into the world of fabric printing, countless opportunities await. Have fun exploring your artistic skills with bold colors, creative markers and delightful rubberised printable stamps as virtual stencils which you can colour using any medium in Illustrator. The beauty of fabric printing is that it can be done by anyone even if you lack artistic abilities.

    Be Inspired by the World Around You

    Form shapesInspirationFrom the movement of an animalTo a flower detailOr even in geometric shape symmetryentries Visiting print-making sites, or read books on this design can spark new ideas and set your imagination aflame.

    Textiles- Textile printing is the process of applying colour to fabric in definite patterns or designs.

    Step into the magical world of Printing With Fabric!!! Wearing clothes printed with dogs on boats or sporting a one-of-a-kind bag that you dreamed up. Countless others have turned their love for printed fabrics into viable careers, highlighting the infinite possibilities within textile printmaking.

    Why choose SULY Textile printmaking on fabric?

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