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Printing on fabric for me is creative search, where I try to find my personal approach and draw inspiration from other disciplines like painting but instead of paint use special ink. People can create different patterns on fabric using this technique especially from the artistic point of people who design their clothes and homes. This article covers a range of methods, practical advice and necessary knowledge for those beginning with the art or printing fabric.

    It will cover practice of different techniques and tips-

    There are so many different ways to print on fabric. While top 3 are Screen Printing, Digital printing and Block Printed. This can include screen printing, which involves using a stencil to screen ink onto the fabric and digital printing in that an image is printed directly outlast of the material. In contrast, block printing is the method of where a design carved in to materials and then printed on fabric.

    NoteApplicable to various fabric types (cotton, silk or polyester), a variety of printing techniques can be selected. Depending on what kind of printing you prefer, choose the fabric accordingly. A fine weave fabric should be used if block printing is the technique that they are using, otherwise no amount of skill can cover up for this.

    One more crucial reminder is to always use fabric or textile ink and not the standard one used on paper. Fabric ink - fabric safe paint that is extremely durable and lasts a long time when painted on fabrics.

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